As a team of two brothers, we enjoy making knives for everyday use. We are committed to great craftsmanship and thoughtfulness of design. A project that first started out small and just for ourselves, has turned into something to share with others. We will continue to explore new technologies, and with your feedback, continue to evolve our product.

Inspired by design + precision tool making, our journey started as a quest to create something enduring for our own personal use. Our first pocket knives as kids were the simple swiss-army style ones with only a blade and the corkscrew on the back. For us, knives were always something special, and that feeling has never faded. The knife is one of the oldest known tools, and is still something cherished and passed down from generation to generation - often with stories of pride and adventure.

We are excited in what we do. Thank you for your interest in our project!

Introducing The MINNOW Series


100% Made By Us
Anton Knife Minnow001 Neck Knife in D2 Steel

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